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Introducing the Lifework Paradigm

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Realizing personal, social and ecological ambitions by meaningful happenings

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What a new start at work could be like

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An integrated approach to well-being and well-doing

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How to improve well-being in the reboarding process

How the new reality shapes a new agenda

Image by Monsterkoi from Pixabay

Quick guide to regenerative talks and learning conversations.

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How energizing storywork can help you reset and reconnect

Reboarding has started, and we are above to take off.

But wait, something has changed. Something with the energy. The colors are not so bright…

The experimental framework of incredible value creation

If we innervated more, we would get more inspired ideas, more considered choices and more meaningful actions.

Laust Lauridsen

Innervator, writer and speaker, MD. The mindful and brain-friendly approach to life and work.

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