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From Light Crack to Life Hack

Laust Lauridsen, MD


You face a challenge and look for solutions. You get a hunch of something trying to attract your attention. But the mental wall to the unknown is too high and too thick for you to access the new information. You take a break.

Aha! Suddenly, the eureka moment arrives. In a splash, you see everything with total clarity: this is what happens, how it works, and the way to go. Full color and widescreen in an eternal perspective.

When such insights happen, we feel enlightened and deeply inspired. We rush to take notes or make recordings in fear of losing the magic thread, and missing important information. Which we tend to do, especially when the revelations come to us in an altered state of consciousness.

Consciousness is the condition of being aware of existence, the light of your perception. When you are conscious, you can respond to stimuli by will and realize what you want. In an ordinary state of consciousness, you are aware of yourself and the world around you, oriented in time and space.

Altered states of consciousness include dreaming, hallucination, trance, hypnosis and ecstasy. These states allow you to view your life with a different lens and from broader angles of perception. Often in an instant, but sometimes in longer periods of higher levels of consciousness.

Here is the thing: you can train yourself to stay longer in the light. If you are willing to invest a small amount of energy and time. What you need is a simple model that I will share with you now.

It originates from Sidney Banks, the Scottish-born philosopher and author who introduced The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought. Michael Neil, a practitioner of The Three Principles, uses a metaphor to illustrate how consciousness shapes our experience and understanding of the world

Imagine an apartment building with a glass elevator going up and down. This is your consciousness. From each floor, there is a certain view and some general assumptions about reality. The higher up, the brighter the light.

Ground floor: objective reality. You believe the world is as you experience it. The mind functions as a camera, recording 1:1 what’s going on around you. There is an outside-in, cause-and-effect understanding of what’s…



Laust Lauridsen, MD

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