Growing Ideas Beyond Imagination

The experimental framework of incredible value creation

Laust Lauridsen, MD
14 min readApr 25, 2021

Have you ever wondered about ideas? What are they? Where do they come from and where do they go? Why do we love some ideas and hate others? Why is it so hard to realize new and revolutionary ideas? How can we have better ideas and get more out of them in a sustainable and meaningful way? How can we stop premature elimination of potential game-changing ideas?

Welcome to an idea revolution. As activists, we want more inspiring ideas to sprout and spread. We want all people to have access to ingenious inventions and benefit from them. We want exclusive solutions to include the many. We want to find solutions to the most vicious problems. We want to change the world by changing the way we work with the ideas about it. That’s why we started to grow the idea of experimentation beyond.

What we have discovered is a link between the ideas we have and the humans we are. There is a troubling gap between the ambitions of a sustainable tomorrow and the solutions of today. Innovation must be humanized, socialized, and globalized.

We decided to develop an experimental framework for working with ideas beyond imagination, while simultaneously integrating idea development and human transformation. The hope is to contribute to creating essential and sustainable value for humans, businesses and society.

Experimentation beyond

It all started with an insight: An idea is an idea. Nothing more, nothing less. What becomes of the idea depends on the people around it and the state in which they are. From the first time an idea appears as a thought in the mind to the final result, we humans have a strong influence on it. An idea can only unfold as much as the brains and minds involved can deal with.

Right after the first insight came another: If we want to grow ideas beyond imagination, we must grow ourselves. It’s not only about fitting the idea to the conditions. It’s about fitting the conditions to the idea. The human state must at any time match the idea phase. Otherwise, we risk missing the idea or losing ourselves in the process. By integrating idea development and human transformation, value creation can become more balanced and…



Laust Lauridsen, MD

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