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Transperience at Work

Human transformation in the 21st century

Laust Lauridsen, MD
13 min readJul 27, 2022


Major transformations mark our time. Societies, systems and institutions are under rapid and radical change. Companies and collaborations are trying to navigate and find their way through chaos. Not always with humanity at heart or an eye for the bigger picture. This leads to fatal mistakes, immense distress, and wasted resources. The intention is there, but the realization is far from flawless. Sometimes I wonder if the human species are our best friend or our worst enemy.

Imagine it happened in another way. Where the purposes were nobler and the tasks were more meaningful. Where peak experiences led to genuine learning and sustainable behavior. Where ideas, choices and actions were in balance with the greater system. Where human transformation happened in more balanced and natural ways. Where work was more wonderful, and business more beautiful. How would that be?

What if human transformation could evolve as delightful experiences, leading to fruitful learning and desired behavior? What if business goals could be light bulbs in the darkness, leading to inspired action? What if you could spend enjoyable time forming an energizing narrative before embarking on a learning journey with peers and partners in service of the greater good?

Transperience means transformation through experience. It offers a mindful and brain-friendly approach to human transformation. It moves you beyond expectation and imagination to a land of unknown adventures and fresh discoveries. It forms the basis for realizing what you want in the context of greater meaning. As I wrote in an earlier article:

“Transperience is more than the highlight of the day and peak of the week. It’s that insight with delight you get from being in flow as you grow. It’s when you’re fully immersed in the experience, while new behavior and learning emerge. It arises spontaneously, but can be accelerated and intensified by participative design.”

Working with transparency is complex, but should never be complicated. What you need is the lifework matrix and the design triangle. The matrix forms the foundation, while the triangle guides the realization.

The lifework matrix



Laust Lauridsen, MD

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