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Why Ideawork Is Selfwork

Laust Lauridsen, MD
5 min readMay 27, 2024


An idea is an idea. It exists independently of the human mind and cannot be changed. However, depending on what you think, feel and believe, it can lead to another idea, and yet another. The way you approach ideas will define their fate — and your destiny.

Working with ideas

You can connect with ideas intellectually, emotionally, or existentially.

Connecting intellectually means you understand the idea and find it relevant, meaningful and useful. You get it, it’s just right.

Bonding emotionally with an idea, you feel the importance and find it attractive, satisfying and suitable. You love it, it’s high priority.

Associating existentially with an idea makes it feel real, and the idea will resonate with your worldview and mindset. You believe it, it’s the truth.

Just as an idea can resonate with us, it can challenge us too.

If it confronts our knowledge, we tend to judge the idea as irrelevant, uninteresting, and irrational. From what we have learned, the idea looks odd and unfitting.

If the idea opposes our values, we reject it as incomprehensible, unimportant, and even disgusting. Personal preferences and emotional attachments will keep us from welcoming the idea.



Laust Lauridsen, MD

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