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Introducing the Lifework Paradigm

Conditions for life and work are changing rapidly and radically. It's hard to find words to describe and predict the development. How will the new reality influence the way we live and work? What will happen when the pandemia lessons are integrated with the accelerated digitalization and automatization? How will the next generation of workers meet not only their own needs, but also the demands of the many global challenges?

This is an open invitation to speculate and fantasize. We need new words and concepts to bridge the past with the future — or to separate the two. In the…

How the new reality shapes a new agenda

The world is out of balance. Wildfires, storms, floods, pandemic, global warming, depletion of natural resources, hunger, poverty and much more. The widening gap in health, wealth, and opportunities between rich and poor threatens to destroy the existing world order in the years ahead, unless action is taken to change the development.

We are out of balance. The inner world, our brain and mind, is challenged to the extent that depression, burnout, and stress-related illnesses have become epidemics. Some of us have too much to do, others too little. We are restless and feel we should do more, or we…

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Quick guide to regenerative talks and learning conversations.

“We are back at work, and we are busy. With what? Getting into rhythm and catching up. But why? We have to move on, the competitors and customers are not waiting — you know. Hey, just hold it. Hasn’t the pandemic also hit them? Aren’t they suffering from the same languishing, frustration and confusion as we do? You are right, maybe we should slow down a bit and talk it through.”

Eager to restore normalcy and claim our fair share of the future, we tend to forget we have been apart for a long time. Many times longer than a…

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How energizing storywork can help you reset and reconnect

The coronavirus has been with us for more than a year. Thanks to a mix of lockdowns, restrictions and vaccinations, the situation is slowly moving toward a type of normality. Workplaces are reopening, and we are all eager to get things going again. Some people return to the office with the intention of restoring the work environment as it was. Other people hope the new ways of working will remain in place after the pandemic.

Reboarding has started, and we are above to take off.

But wait, something has changed. Something with the energy. The colors are not so bright…

The experimental framework of incredible value creation

Have you ever wondered about ideas? What are they? Where do they come from and where do they go? Why do we love some ideas and hate others? Why is it so hard to realize new and revolutionary ideas? How can we have better ideas and get more out of them in a sustainable and meaningful way? How can we stop premature elimination of potential game-changing ideas?

Welcome to an idea revolution. As activists, we want more inspiring ideas to sprout and spread. We want all people to have access to ingenious inventions and benefit from them. We want exclusive…

If we innervated more, we would get more inspired ideas, more considered choices and more meaningful actions.

For a long time, innovation has been the automatic answer to most problems our global society is facing. Technical, commercial and social innovation is going to save the world — at least that is the hope.

Ironically, many of our current problems were created by innovation, directly or indirectly. The invention of farming, money, machines, factories, cars and airplanes has had many unwanted and unexpected side effects.

Here is an idea to save both the destiny of the planet and the sanity of humanity: Innervate innovation! Sounds awesome, you could say, but what does it mean? …

Turn unimaginable ideas into sustainable value

In the world of conscious business, more solutions come from experimental practice than from intellectual speculation. To discover new land, you leave the comfort of the known, including the need for predictability and the pursuit of perfection. You “experiment beyond imagination”.

Imagination is picturing what-is-not. Going beyond imagination means you zoom in on what-is and uncensored receive new information from the infinite potential; information you cannot conceive or perceive before you receive it.

To accept, embrace and process the new information, you prepare yourself. This means resetting the mind and reconnecting the brain. …

The conscious business of finding home by finding out

Houston, we have a problem. We’re lost in space, and we don’t know how to find our way home. As a species, we are out of sync with life on this planet. For too long, too many people have produced too many bad decisions. Isolated in our minds and bodies, we struggle to survive and strive in an increasingly fragmented and alienated world. Business as usual is not going to help us out.

Here is a dream to share. Not a minor, trivial or selfish one — but a potentially game-changing dream of all business becoming conscious.

What if we…

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How a new awareness will revolutionize work

Artists have known it for ages, musicians tune into it daily, actors perform their magic from it, athletes master it to perfection, engineers build upon it, we are all made of it. Energy. It’s all about energy; how it forms and flows to manifest in consciousness as our experience. Energy is what matters. Literally.

What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter. (Albert Einstein)

We do not fully understand the concept of energy and how it contributes to life. In physics, energy is defined…

First step towards a new lifework paradigm

During the pandemic, we discovered other ways of working, and enjoyed the new freedom of working remotely. Companies recognize this as a multi-win opportunity. Fewer office hours and less traveling mean cost savings to the company and more flexibility to employees. Now the question is whether this is a lasting change, or if we will return to previous versions of office work?

What we will do depends heavily on the type of energy we can mobilize in the first months after returning to work. The less energy we have, and the more stress we experience, the more we tend to…

Laust Lauridsen

Innervator, writer and speaker, MD. The mindful and brain-friendly approach to life and work.

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